Rules for Yoga Classes



I must say, there aren’t too many true rules one needs to follow for yoga, except those listed above.

However, with all the new people we have coming to class this new year, I do feel as if I should cover a few more basic rules for my classes.

  1. Please come in without placing expectations on yourself. Be open to try and learn new things.
  2. Please ONLY park at the Yoga Studio of the Woodlands parking lot. We are not able to use the doctor’s parking next door.
  3. Please remove your shoes outside the door. No shoes allowed inside the studio.
  4. It is OK if you come in a little late, (less than 15 minutes) but please respect those already in class by coming in quietly.
  5. NO cell phone use! We are here to escape the day and responsibility. Turn those cell phones OFF! It is very distracting to others if you are busy texting so put those cell phones away (or I may confiscate them)!
  6. Please try to donate between $6.00 and $10.00 per class. I have to pay for each you to be in the studio, so please give what you can.
  7. Take breaks when needed. Not everyone  is at the same level. Some people have injuries or may just be having a hard day…do what you can and feel free to rest in child’s pose anytime!
  8. Yoga is NOT competitive! Don’t try to do what your neighbor is doing just to keep up. Again, everyone is at a different level, so the only one you need to compete with is your own self!
  9. The poses that are most challenging to you are most likely the ones you need the most…so don’t skip them!
  10. Have fun! Again, yoga is meant to help balance you and will do wonders for your mind and body. Don’t take it so seriously!
  11. Always check this website for class changes, cancellations, or updates. Sometimes things come up in life and I need to make changes or cancel a class.

That is pretty much it for the rules… and please remember that YOGA IS A CELEBRATION!


About Danielle’s Yoga Classes


Welcome to the YogaStar page with Danielle Kellar! Feel free to scroll down to check out my blog, or click above to see the class schedule or learn more about Danielle, or her online classes.

Danielle is dedicated in helping you get that healthy lifestyle you have been wanting!  

All of Danielle’s classes are donation based.

Please keep in mind that Danielle teaches and lives by your donations. Please give what you can.

$6.00 to $10.00 a class is optimal, and greatly appreciated. If you are unable to donate this amount, please do not let it stop you from attending her classes. Danielle wants everyone to attend and gain the benefits of yoga and fitness, regardless of financial situations, so please come, and donate what you can.

backbend (450x321)

Have to Cancel Once Again



I am sad to say that I must cancel class one more time. I had no idea how difficult being a full-time student would be!

This is my week of finals and I have a whopper of a paper due on Sunday. Once I get through this week I only have one more week of full-time classes and then I am going back to a half-time schedule.

I want to thank you all for being so understanding on my cancelling classes and once I am back to half-time we will be back to our normal Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night classes!

I WILL absolutely be having class this upcoming Monday (I will surely need it after all the writing I have to do tonight and this weekend)! I will see you all at 7:15pm on Monday the 27th!

Jamberry Consultant? Why yes, yes I am!



So, I decided to venture into a new company. For those of you who know me well, I do not typically sign up with companies to sell products. I have been approached by so many–from supplements, to protein, to mascara, to leadership, and more.

Well, a few weeks ago one of my school friends added me to a group in which she was selling these nail wraps called Jamberrys. I was skeptical, but because I am horribly rough on my hands and no mail polish will ever stand up to the wear I put them through, I decided to give it them a chance. Not only do they come in freaking 300+ adorable styles, they were simple to put on, didn’t stink up the house, and let me tell you–they were indestructible! I wore my first set for two weeks unharmed!!!!


I washed dishes, dug in the dirt, worked on drywall, and more, and these suckers not only stayed put, but looked as good the first day as the did the day I peeled them off! It was a no-brainer for me. This was a product I could definitely stand behind, SO! I took the plunge and became a consultant. I am so excited and happy to be a part of a great group of ladies!!! My team is so encouraging and helpful! This company is such a pleasure to work with and I am so happy I made this choice.

slatted herringbonr

With Jamberrys, the coolest thing is that we can not only do in-home parties, but also on-line parties, too! If any of you are interested in throwing an online party, please contact me and let me know! You don’t have to do anything but attend and have a super fun time! We have tons of games and contests and the host can earn free Jamberry stuff! AND! If you sign up to do a party with me, I will send you a free gift!!

Please go check out my website to see all the terrific things Jamberry has to offer, and let me know when you are ready to throw your party!

Catching Up



So, it seems I haven’t written in some time. Decided yesterday that I need to be better at keeping up on my blog and here I am.  🙂 So much is happening in my life, and I feel as if I haven’t had a moment of free time!

As many of you know,  I am the founder of VIMFIREmagazine. We released the first edition this past Novemeber, and are now working hard on the second edition. We have some great submissions coming and we are still accepting them through April 31st. If you are an artsy person who  enjoys writing poetry, short stories, or creating art and photography, please submit! We do not have a theme this year, so just send in your best work!

Visit our website: for more information on submission requirements.

Along with working on VIMFIRE, I have decided to go to college full time. This is a daunting idea for me. Now that I am a junior, the classes are not only more difficult, but they tend to be a bit ore time consuming as well. Luckily, they are all classes directly related to my major, so they are, in my eyes…FUN! I have been thinking really hard for quite some time about making this change and the day came and I said I just have to go for it and try it out. How else will I know unless I try? I only have ten classes left and I am getting anxious to graduate! I have also begun looking at colleges to apply to get my MFA. I think  I have  narrowed it down to a few now!

This last month I was asked to become  a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, as well as the Golden Key International Honour Society. It is so amazing to be asked to be a part of these prestigious groups! What an honor to have my hard work and dedication be recognized!

I am also in the middle of scholarship application time. I talk to so many people who want to go back to school and claim they can’t afford it. There IS money out there just waiting to be claimed or offered–as long as you put in the work to find and apply for  the scholarship. I am always available to ask questions to and will help  any of you in anyway I can!

Yoga classes are going superbly and we are getting new students every week! I have really been happy with all of you bringing friends and spreading the news about our classes!

Well, that is what has been happening in my life lately. Just juggling life’s daily tasks and moving myself forward toward my goals! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know  what has been happening in your life an what goal(s) you you have set for yourself and what you are doing to make them happen!

My new toy!



Sometimes it is the little things that bring us so much joy!

Just the other day James stumbled into an antique store and look what he found and bought me! It is a Smith Corona manual typewriter from the early 1950’s! I just ordered some new typewriter ribbon and it should be here  today! This will be perfect to use at my writing desk! I plan to type letters and poetry on this baby and I can’t wait!

For those of you in my area, the antique store we found this at is going out of business and everything is discounted. They have so many neat things there. The store is on Rayford Road near the Anytime Fitness and Valero. Stop by and find an awesome deal for yourself. I love antiques. They have such history and stories behind them. I wonder what all has been typed on my new typewriter. To be sixty years old–it must have had many things typed on it!




As many of you who are friends with me on Facebook know, I have taken a hiatus from social media. I have received kind words telling me how my posts will be missed, and as nice as that is, I still must take a break.

As much as I enjoy posting and reading everyone’s posts, I find myself using Facebook as a distraction at times. I know most of you must, too. I began thinking of how connected I have become to social media. Checking it as soon as I wake up, throughout the day, before bed…spending more time than one should checking out what everyone else is doing.

I started a new class at school two weeks ago and man, is it intensive! This week I had six (yes six) writing assignments. I began thinking about how important it is for me to keep my GPA as high as possible and gaining all I can from school. I recognized how often I found myself putting off my school to check Facebook and decided to give it a rest. I used to use the excuse that I Facebook-ed to build up my yoga classes, etc… but that isn’t true at all. It takes about thirty seconds to post a class, and then I would spend a half hour (or more) just scrolling down timelines…wasting my time. We tend to find ourselves stressed and lacking time, but we have more time than we actually think when we finally sit down and see where our time is being spent.

I remember a time in life when there was no internet. I remember having plenty of time to get things done, time to work, time to enjoy nature, time to be with people in a more intimate way instead of staring at some screen. I miss this. I miss people interacting verbally instead of texting. I miss doing things offline. I decided that my free time should be more productive and less online.

So, if you are used to getting class updates via Facebook, please start checking here on the ‘Class Schedule’ page. I will keep it up-to-date, and also start posting more blogs. I hope maybe some of you are influenced to start looking into your lives and see where your time is spent. Are you living fully? Are you wasting time or are you making the most of it? What are your priorities? Are you getting them done and done to the best of your abilities? Always reassess your goals and how you are living. Always make necessary changes to make those dreams come true in life!


Yin Yoga ~ Tonight (12/17/14)



Some times we need to just slow down. With this being the typical hectic holiday season, I think this is the perfect time for a Yin Yoga class. I typically teach Yoga Fusion on Wednesdays, but due to my recuperating from this latest shingles outbreak, tonight’s class will be a Yin Yoga style class instead of our normal fast-paced, intense Yoga Fusion class.

Yin Yoga is a gentle, healing, slower style of class which increases flexibility and circulation in the body, improving organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being.

We will be doing around twelve poses and holding them from two to five minutes each pose. This is gentle and restorative and is a perfect class for all levels. If you are feeling stressed, worn out or just plain over-stretched, this is a perfect class for you. 

I hope to see you all there tonight at 7:15pm at The Yoga Studio of The Woodlands!