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About Danielle’s Yoga Classes


Welcome to the YogaStar page with Danielle Kellar! Feel free to scroll down to check out my blog, or click above to see the class schedule or learn more about Danielle, or her online classes.

Danielle is dedicated in helping you get that healthy lifestyle you have been wanting!  

All of Danielle’s classes are donation based.

Please keep in mind that Danielle teaches and lives by your donations. Please give what you can.

$6.00 to $10.00 a class is optimal, and greatly appreciated. If you are unable to donate this amount, please do not let it stop you from attending her classes. Danielle wants everyone to attend and gain the benefits of yoga and fitness, regardless of financial situations, so please come, and donate what you can.

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Life Full of Changes


It has been quite some time since I have been on here.

Life has been moving forward full-force without any spare time for things like blogging.


So, let’s catch up. You all know we closed Peach Fitness in January. From there I got a wonderful job working with a psychologist; interviewing patients and writing up psychological reports. This past week I stopped working there to work and help James with his Vapor Shop. I will be honest, I was very unhappy with having to quit my writing job. In fact, we argued and fought about it, a lot.

I finally came to terms with the need for me to compromise and give up something I really enjoyed to help out James and for the greater good of his goals. Sometimes we have to put our wants aside and help others.

We have been open now six weeks and things are going very well. I am able to use an office at the space and use it to work on my homework and also on my amazing venture: VIMFIREmagazine.

I began VIMFIREmagazine eight months ago. I have been writing poetry and creating artwork for as long as I can remember, and I remember when I was nine years old I sent off for a poem to be published in a magazine, and I remember receiving my first letter of rejection. It was then I decided that ONE DAY I would have my own poetry magazine and I would be able to decided what poems were worthy of publication. Well, I finally made that childhood dream come true, and I are less than one  month away from holding VIMFIREmagazine in my hands!

I have been absolutely blessed to have met some amazing people from my college who have come on board to be my editors. I in no way would have been able to get so far with creating the literary magazine without their many, many hours of work. I also would not have been able to find the time to work on it if I had not needed to quit all my jobs and help James.

Sometimes things happen in life that are out of our control. We can fight it and complain, but if we release and accept the changes the world has for us, we will be surprised at what the universe has in store for us…instead of what we have planned for ourselves.