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Feeling Stuck? Stop Living in the Past!


Stop Living in the Past

We have been working in the yard these past few days, and while working, we’ve been playing Tony Robbin’s ‘Ultimate Edge’. It is a fantastic program to help you change your mental and daily patterns to create the life you want to lead.

These are things I follow and believe in with all my heart, for I’ve lived both worlds. I have lived stuck in the past, regretting the choices I have made and not moving forward, and I have also got my emotions and daily habits under control and created the life I desire (I am still doing this, and doing it everyday!).

Tony says that if you can master your emotional life, you can master your reality.  Emotional mastery is the KEY to a happy life that YOU direct. Whatever you are feeling – it is your choice. Your feelings and emotions are not caused by anyone else around you, but yourself. He says that if we are looking for things to complain about, then we will certainly see them. If we look for things to be gracious and happy about, we will see those.  So, what are you seeing today? How do you feel about your life and direction today? Are you focusing on what is not going well, or are you focusing on making things go right?

Tony went on to tell us there is a triad to change and getting the life you want. The triad is made up of your physiology, your language and focus.

Physiology – emotions are directly related to your body and physiology. I learned this in Health Psychology last term, and the mind and body are so connected that even just sitting with slumped shoulders and not smiling can make your day feel blah. SO! First step is to change how you are sitting, standing, moving. This change will immediately produce new feelings inside of you.

Second, language. What type of internal dialogue are you using? Are you speaking and thinking negatively? Are you telling yourself how you screwed up making that last decision? Are you constantly focusing on the past, and things you cannot go back and change? Are you asking questions like “Why does it have to be so hard for me?” Are you allowing only negative thoughts and feelings to enter your mind? If so, the negative will be the only things you can see, and therefore, the only thing that will come to you.

Lastly, he speaks of focus. This goes hand in hand with language and physiology. Where ever your focus goes, that is what you create. So, if you are constantly seeking out the negative in situations or thinking negative thoughts; this is your focus, and again, this is all you will see.

You MUST get out of this pattern. You MUST find new, positive things to focus on. If you start telling yourself something negative – just change your thought immediately. Tell yourself the opposite and say it with conviction. Instead of saying “Oh, man I regret that choice I made, and it will be one of my biggest regrets in life.”, why not turn it around, and say “I made some choices and even though I am unsure if they were the right ones, there is no looking back now! Now, I am focusing all positive energy on my goal, and moving forward to a place that is even more exciting and will continue to create the life I want.”

Tony tells people to make a MASSIVE ACTION PLAN. Write down what you want in life. What goals do you have for yourself? What are the long term goals? What small term goals are required to get you to this long term goal? I think writing these down is a wonderful idea. It gives you a clear plan of action and then when you have choices to make, you can look at your goals, see how it fits in and make the right decision. I have known for many, many years that I wanted to write and teach. I formulated a plan to do this. I have not, nor will not let anything stop me and my dreams. I went back to college, I searched tirelessly for jobs, I struggled, yes, but I never gave up, and I never looked back. I do something everyday to get me towards my ultimate goal.

Remember! Your emotions and mindset are what create your day, and life. If you are always caught up in the has-beens and regrets, then, what kind of life is that? You are still living in your past. Wake up, get focused and don’t let anything stop you! Change your mind, and change your life!

Keep in mind Tony’s triad. Physiology, language and focus. Keep these in mind all day, everyday and make the necessary changes so that you can ultimately reach your goals.