Jamberry Consultant? Why yes, yes I am!



So, I decided to venture into a new company. For those of you who know me well, I do not typically sign up with companies to sell products. I have been approached by so many–from supplements, to protein, to mascara, to leadership, and more.

Well, a few weeks ago one of my school friends added me to a group in which she was selling these nail wraps called Jamberrys. I was skeptical, but because I am horribly rough on my hands and no mail polish will ever stand up to the wear I put them through, I decided to give it them a chance. Not only do they come in freaking 300+ adorable styles, they were simple to put on, didn’t stink up the house, and let me tell you–they were indestructible! I wore my first set for two weeks unharmed!!!!


I washed dishes, dug in the dirt, worked on drywall, and more, and these suckers not only stayed put, but looked as good the first day as the did the day I peeled them off! It was a no-brainer for me. This was a product I could definitely stand behind, SO! I took the plunge and became a consultant. I am so excited and happy to be a part of a great group of ladies!!! My team is so encouraging and helpful! This company is such a pleasure to work with and I am so happy I made this choice.

slatted herringbonr

With Jamberrys, the coolest thing is that we can not only do in-home parties, but also on-line parties, too! If any of you are interested in throwing an online party, please contact me and let me know! You don’t have to do anything but attend and have a super fun time! We have tons of games and contests and the host can earn free Jamberry stuff! AND! If you sign up to do a party with me, I will send you a free gift!!

Please go check out my website to see all the terrific things Jamberry has to offer, and let me know when you are ready to throw your party!



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