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Penman Review Interview


I was interviewed by Amber E. Box for the Penman Review a month or so ago, and here it is:


Live Your Dreams



So much has been happening lately! You may have noticed that I have not been blogging lately…this is due to VIMIREmagazine! My editors and I have been working restlessly to get everything completed, and I am ecstatic to say that the first proof is in the mail to me as I write! It may even be in the mailbox when I get home later!

So much has happened to get this magazine to this point. I have to share that during this time I have also been working to become a full member of a Leadership Society, and I have learned so much in this process that has allowed me to get this magazine to fruition. In my leadership training it was stressed that the goals we make for ourselves need to be SMART. I think many times people make goals and they are not really attainable. Then the goal remains a dream and nothing ever becomes of it.

What do I mean by SMART? Well, let me explain.

S=Specific. You must have a specific goal if you want to accomplish it. You can not set a general goal. You must know exactly what you want and what it takes to accomplish it.

M=Measurable. Do you have criteria to be able to measure the progress in your work? What tasks need to occur before the goal is reached?

A=Achievable. Your goal does not necessarily have to be simple, but it must be possible! Challenges are always good!

R=Rewarding. Is your goal worth something to you or others? Is it meaningful? It should be.

T=Timely. Have you set specific dates to accomplish your goal? What are your beginning dates? Ending dates? How long do you expect to take to make your dreams come true? Set time factors and follow them!

So~I had this goal set for my magazine, but I hadn’t worked out the timeliness of it. I wasn’t measuring my progress. I was feeling lost. So, I listened to a few speakers on this subject and I decided I must be even more specific, and set time goals for the work being done. I gave myself two weeks to get the magazine complete and to the printer. I worked one hour a day instead of trying to cram work in late nights and early mornings… I delegated some of the work to another editor. I set time goals of what needed to be accomplished at what point and you know what? The magazine ended up being submitted quicker than expected!!!

I am so excited that I was  able to utilize the information and program in becoming a member of the leadership society to help me with completing my goal of publishing my literary magazine! Are there some goals you have set for yourself that are still awaiting to be accomplished? Have you set SMART goals? Have you put a time frame together? Have you set a realistic goal? Are you utilizing people and resources around you to get it done? Re-examine your goals and make changes if needed.

Remember! This is YOUR life and you must  follow your dreams and you must create the world in which you live!

For those of you who would like to have a copy of VIMFIREmagazine, we are taking pre-orders! You can email me at and let me know who many copies you would like. Thank you all for your support!!!

Make Your Dreams Come True


What were your childhood dreams? Do you even remember anymore? Do you have something you have always wanted to try or do, but have just been too afraid? Are you following societies ‘norm’ or are you living your own life?


When I was a very young girl I used to devour magazines, all types of books, newspapers, and pretty much anything which contained words. I was consumed by words and began writing poetry at a very tender age. I recall mailing a poem in to a magazine when I was nine or ten years old. Needless to say, I received my fist rejection letter in the mail not too long after. I really thought my poem was brilliant and wonderful, but apparently it was not very good at all! Many years went by where I wouldn’t share my poems with anyone. I finally got the courage to submit again, and I found that rejection is all part of the learning and growing process. That was not my last rejection letter to say the least., and in fact, I have already received five more just this year. Don’t get me wrong. I have had some of my work published, but yes, I do still keep much of it to myself. Poetry and art is highly subjective, and many times it is simply a release of emotions which I don’t necessarily feel like I need to publicize it.

Anyway! after that very first, eye opening rejection, a little voice inside me made claim that one day I would work with a magazine and help decide what is published. Well, that day finally came. In November 2013 VIMFIREmagazine came to fruition. It is a bi-annual literary and art magazine which showcases original artwork, poetry, short stories, and photography from around the world. I am the editor-in-chief and have seven amazingly wonderful editors working with me. We worked hours upon hours reading, discussing, and critiquing people’s work. It was tedious, difficult, and highly rewarding. I think we all learned a lot and it all ended up being a bit more work than first expected. It is so exciting and really is a dream come true.

I am sitting here now just brewing with anticipation about its release instead of getting myself to bed! Thirty years in the making and now, my dream from when I was ten years old is finally coming to reality. It is so bizarre how things come to be. I never stopped thinking about my dream of being part of a magazine, of being a writer and an editor. I took little steps all through my life to slowly work towards this. I never stopped writing. I took poetry workshops, went back to school to study writing, connected with an amazing network of other writers, worked as an editor… I set myself up to make my dream and passion happen.

I know that this is just the beginning. We have already started work on the second edition, and submissions are already rolling in. I’ve had so many big dreams run through this little head of mine through my lifetime, and I plan to accomplish each one. What dreams are you working on to make come true? Life is soo short. Get busy doing what makes you happy and free to be the real who you are! ❤