Monthly Archives: March 2015

Catching Up



So, it seems I haven’t written in some time. Decided yesterday that I need to be better at keeping up on my blog and here I am.¬† ūüôā So much is happening in my life, and I feel as if I haven’t had a moment of free time!

As many of you know,  I am the founder of VIMFIREmagazine. We released the first edition this past Novemeber, and are now working hard on the second edition. We have some great submissions coming and we are still accepting them through April 31st. If you are an artsy person who  enjoys writing poetry, short stories, or creating art and photography, please submit! We do not have a theme this year, so just send in your best work!

Visit our website: for more information on submission requirements.

Along with working on VIMFIRE, I have decided to go to college full time. This is a daunting idea for me. Now that I am a junior, the classes are not only more difficult, but they tend to be a bit ore time consuming as well. Luckily, they are all classes directly related to my major, so they are, in my eyes…FUN! I have been thinking really hard for quite some time about making this change and the day came and I said I just have to go for it¬†and try it out. How else will I know unless I try? I only have ten classes left and I am getting anxious to graduate! I have also¬†begun¬†looking at colleges to apply to get my MFA. I think¬† I have¬† narrowed it down to a few now!

This last month I was asked to become  a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, as well as the Golden Key International Honour Society. It is so amazing to be asked to be a part of these prestigious groups! What an honor to have my hard work and dedication be recognized!

I am also in the middle of scholarship application time. I talk to so many people who want to go back to school and claim they can’t afford it. There IS money out there just waiting to be claimed or offered–as long as you put in the work to find and apply for ¬†the scholarship. I am always available to ask questions to and will help¬† any of you in anyway I can!

Yoga classes are going superbly and we are getting new students every week! I have really been happy with all of you bringing friends and spreading the news about our classes!

Well, that is what has been happening in my life lately. Just juggling life’s daily tasks and moving myself forward toward my goals! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know¬† what has been happening in your life an what goal(s) you you have set for yourself and what you are doing to make them happen!