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Many years ago, back in the mid-seventies, a girl named Danielle was born. She was a day-dreamer, a roller-skater, a poet, an artist, a dancer and an acrobat. As it seems, most people tend to grow out of their childhood passions, but that option never even occurred to Danielle. She kept on daydreaming, and continued doing whatever pleased her.

As mentioned, Danielle was always quite an active girl. However, as most teens do, Danielle had self-esteem and body image issues. During her mid through late teens, she sadly went through terrible times suffering from anorexia nervosa and also bulimia. At age nineteen, she was 5’3” and weighed only 89 pounds. Sick with this disorder, she made the best decision of her life and joined a gym. She took her first yoga class, and her life was never the same.

She immediately fell in love with lifting weights and taking fitness classes. So much so, she quit her job managing a shoe store, became kickboxing and personal training certified and began working on learning everything she could about yoga. She started working at a women’s only gym. From that point on, she dedicated her life to becoming the healthiest she could be, and also helping others to be healthy and learn to love themselves.


Fast forward nineteen years…Danielle is now a Yoga instructor, certified natural health consultant, personal trainer, and prenatal health specialist. She runs donation-based yoga and fitness classes. She has been teaching by donations for the past eight years.

Along with her fulfilling her dream of helping others with their health, she is also a junior in college pursuing her dream of writing. She is majoring in Creative Writing with minors in Philosophy and Professional Writing. She is currently a published poet, and is the founder of VIMFIREmagazine; a literary and art magazine. You can learn more about VIMFIRE, or submit your artwork, short story, or poetry at

In 2012, Danielle was chosen for the Women’s Opportunity Award with Soroptimist International, and was also a featured leader in her community in Origin Magazine. Most recently, her hard work at school has been recognized and she is now a member of: Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Chi Epsilon, Alpha Sigma Lambda, National Society of Leadership and Success, The Golden Key International Honour Society, and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

She continues to daydream, and believes that no dream is too big to come true. Her main mission is to empower others to live their dream, as well as being healthy and happy in their lives.


Danielle’s Yoga & Athletic Training:

Yoga Training:

  • Sri Manju Jois– AshtangaYoga Teacher Training
  • Natalie Maisel – Power Yoga Teacher Training
  • Othene Munson – Iyengar Yoga (Atlanta GA)
  • Has studied the following yoga styles through one on one instructor training and self study: Power Yoga o   Kundalini o   Ashtanga o   Sivananda o   Hatha o   Bikram
  • Also, countless weekend training workshops on alignment, teaching, postures, breathing, meditation and


  • Group Fitness  Certification
  • Yoga Certification
  • Kickboxing Certification
  • Pre-Natal Fitness Certification

IFA (International Fitness Association)

  • Personal Training

Mad Dogg Athletics

  • Spinning Instructor Certification

Martial Arts

  • Muy Thai Kickboxing
  • American Kickboxing
  • Kuk Sool Won, Korean Martial arts

Global College of Natural Medicine •        Natural Health Consultant Diploma



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