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Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.


Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.

Madame Curie once said that. “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” That is an amazing attitude. It is true. And do you know why? Because we are only afraid of things we don’t understand. If we understand this behavior, we can surely change it and make a difference in someone, or something’s life.

About a week or two ago, heavy rains came and decided to bring us a king snake mama and her babies. A king snake is non-venomous. They are actually helpful in keeping away other, poisonous snakes. They are beautiful, too. As many of you know. I do not harm other living things. When I hear “thou shalt not kill”, I do not believe that is meaning only humans. This is nature, and I know that this snake is simply trying to survive like the rest of us.

So, when we first found this snaky, slithering around our pond, we decided we must figure out what kind of snake it is. James found it to be a King snake. They are very normal for this area. They are not poisonous, but they do enjoy frogs and fish, and we have a pond full of just that.

snake 010


About eight or nine years ago, James decided to put a pond in our backyard. He hand-dug it. We planted lilies and lotus and the pond has thrived and done wonderfully. BUT! Every once in a while, we get a snake visitor who comes to try to eat all our friends.

Soon after the pond was complete, I went and purchased five koi from a fish store. I had them for years. One by one, year by year, they slowly were killed off, or died. One time a snake was in our pond and had a fish in it’s mouth. We had to hit it on the head to get it to release the fish. A few days later the fish died. We have had fish killed by heron’s coming into the backyard and pecking it with it’s long, sharp beak. Another died from sickness. We have lost all the koi, except this one. The one I pet and love.
The other day, after we found the snake, I was playing with my fishy friend and noticed that the snake had it cornered. I noticed that my fishy’s tail fin was shredded and destroyed – most likely from the snake trying to attack it.

James found more information about king snakes. He showed me a picture of a snake with a koi in it’s mouth. I was so fearful that my fishy would become a dinner for this snake that I knew that I must get this snake out of our pond no matter what.

For three days straight we have been attempting to get this snake. We learned that it was a woman snake – she has babies – and is very protective over them. Damian, James and I decided today was the day. We had to catch her and the babies because they were eating all our frogs and friends and they were going to clean out our pond.

Just yesterday, James and I were outside, and we heard a horrible cry coming from the pond. We knew something was being hurt, or most likely eaten by the snake. We found them. There was a baby snake with a frog hanging out of it’s mouth. The poor thing’s leg was in the snake’s mouth. James hit the snake on the head and it dropped the frog. We knew we had to put a stop to it.

James from the start has been saying that I (Danielle) would catch the snake. He was afraid he might hurt it – he was just too afraid to touch it, I think. 🙂 So, for days, I pumped myself up. I told myself I could do it. I listened to Tony Robbins and he helped build my courage. I am a huge human compared to this little four foot snake. It is not poisonous, so if I did get bit, it would be O.K. and I would have a cool story to tell.

We had a few catch attempts that fell through. But I was studying and learning these snake-ies, and when the time was just right, I grabbed the baby snake and threw it into the garbage can. I shocked myself! It was like I didn’t even think about it. I knew it had to be done, and I did it. THEN came time for mama snake. I never doubted. I kept telling myself I must do it for my fishy friend. Finally, it was the perfect opportunity. She was in the perfect place, and I just grabbed her and screamed at Damian to get me the danged trash can!!!

snake 016

I did it!!!! I caught her! And her baby! We went and released them down at the creek and saved our critters, frogs and fish! There was no need to kill. There was no need to be terrified. I would actually do it again! She was as scared as I was and she was so concerned about her baby. We walked she and her baby down a few blocks and let them loose in the creek. She was surprised to say the least. I pray that they do wonderfully in their new home!


I am so happy that we were able to transport her and keep her alive! There may be a few more babies in the pond we are unaware of, so stay tuned for more stories!

Here is the mama in her new place:

snake 021