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Live Your Dreams



So much has been happening lately! You may have noticed that I have not been blogging lately…this is due to VIMIREmagazine! My editors and I have been working restlessly to get everything completed, and I am ecstatic to say that the first proof is in the mail to me as I write! It may even be in the mailbox when I get home later!

So much has happened to get this magazine to this point. I have to share that during this time I have also been working to become a full member of a Leadership Society, and I have learned so much in this process that has allowed me to get this magazine to fruition. In my leadership training it was stressed that the goals we make for ourselves need to be SMART. I think many times people make goals and they are not really attainable. Then the goal remains a dream and nothing ever becomes of it.

What do I mean by SMART? Well, let me explain.

S=Specific. You must have a specific goal if you want to accomplish it. You can not set a general goal. You must know exactly what you want and what it takes to accomplish it.

M=Measurable. Do you have criteria to be able to measure the progress in your work? What tasks need to occur before the goal is reached?

A=Achievable. Your goal does not necessarily have to be simple, but it must be possible! Challenges are always good!

R=Rewarding. Is your goal worth something to you or others? Is it meaningful? It should be.

T=Timely. Have you set specific dates to accomplish your goal? What are your beginning dates? Ending dates? How long do you expect to take to make your dreams come true? Set time factors and follow them!

So~I had this goal set for my magazine, but I hadn’t worked out the timeliness of it. I wasn’t measuring my progress. I was feeling lost. So, I listened to a few speakers on this subject and I decided I must be even more specific, and set time goals for the work being done. I gave myself two weeks to get the magazine complete and to the printer. I worked one hour a day instead of trying to cram work in late nights and early mornings… I delegated some of the work to another editor. I set time goals of what needed to be accomplished at what point and you know what? The magazine ended up being submitted quicker than expected!!!

I am so excited that I was  able to utilize the information and program in becoming a member of the leadership society to help me with completing my goal of publishing my literary magazine! Are there some goals you have set for yourself that are still awaiting to be accomplished? Have you set SMART goals? Have you put a time frame together? Have you set a realistic goal? Are you utilizing people and resources around you to get it done? Re-examine your goals and make changes if needed.

Remember! This is YOUR life and you must  follow your dreams and you must create the world in which you live!

For those of you who would like to have a copy of VIMFIREmagazine, we are taking pre-orders! You can email me at vimfiremag@yahoo.com and let me know who many copies you would like. Thank you all for your support!!!

Make Your Dreams Come True


What were your childhood dreams? Do you even remember anymore? Do you have something you have always wanted to try or do, but have just been too afraid? Are you following societies ‘norm’ or are you living your own life?


When I was a very young girl I used to devour magazines, all types of books, newspapers, and pretty much anything which contained words. I was consumed by words and began writing poetry at a very tender age. I recall mailing a poem in to a magazine when I was nine or ten years old. Needless to say, I received my fist rejection letter in the mail not too long after. I really thought my poem was brilliant and wonderful, but apparently it was not very good at all! Many years went by where I wouldn’t share my poems with anyone. I finally got the courage to submit again, and I found that rejection is all part of the learning and growing process. That was not my last rejection letter to say the least., and in fact, I have already received five more just this year. Don’t get me wrong. I have had some of my work published, but yes, I do still keep much of it to myself. Poetry and art is highly subjective, and many times it is simply a release of emotions which I don’t necessarily feel like I need to publicize it.

Anyway! after that very first, eye opening rejection, a little voice inside me made claim that one day I would work with a magazine and help decide what is published. Well, that day finally came. In November 2013 VIMFIREmagazine came to fruition. It is a bi-annual literary and art magazine which showcases original artwork, poetry, short stories, and photography from around the world. I am the editor-in-chief and have seven amazingly wonderful editors working with me. We worked hours upon hours reading, discussing, and critiquing people’s work. It was tedious, difficult, and highly rewarding. I think we all learned a lot and it all ended up being a bit more work than first expected. It is so exciting and really is a dream come true.

I am sitting here now just brewing with anticipation about its release instead of getting myself to bed! Thirty years in the making and now, my dream from when I was ten years old is finally coming to reality. It is so bizarre how things come to be. I never stopped thinking about my dream of being part of a magazine, of being a writer and an editor. I took little steps all through my life to slowly work towards this. I never stopped writing. I took poetry workshops, went back to school to study writing, connected with an amazing network of other writers, worked as an editor… I set myself up to make my dream and passion happen.

I know that this is just the beginning. We have already started work on the second edition, and submissions are already rolling in. I’ve had so many big dreams run through this little head of mine through my lifetime, and I plan to accomplish each one. What dreams are you working on to make come true? Life is soo short. Get busy doing what makes you happy and free to be the real who you are! <3

Life Full of Changes


It has been quite some time since I have been on here.

Life has been moving forward full-force without any spare time for things like blogging.


So, let’s catch up. You all know we closed Peach Fitness in January. From there I got a wonderful job working with a psychologist; interviewing patients and writing up psychological reports. This past week I stopped working there to work and help James with his Vapor Shop. I will be honest, I was very unhappy with having to quit my writing job. In fact, we argued and fought about it, a lot.

I finally came to terms with the need for me to compromise and give up something I really enjoyed to help out James and for the greater good of his goals. Sometimes we have to put our wants aside and help others.

We have been open now six weeks and things are going very well. I am able to use an office at the space and use it to work on my homework and also on my amazing venture: VIMFIREmagazine.

I began VIMFIREmagazine eight months ago. I have been writing poetry and creating artwork for as long as I can remember, and I remember when I was nine years old I sent off for a poem to be published in a magazine, and I remember receiving my first letter of rejection. It was then I decided that ONE DAY I would have my own poetry magazine and I would be able to decided what poems were worthy of publication. Well, I finally made that childhood dream come true, and I are less than one  month away from holding VIMFIREmagazine in my hands!

I have been absolutely blessed to have met some amazing people from my college who have come on board to be my editors. I in no way would have been able to get so far with creating the literary magazine without their many, many hours of work. I also would not have been able to find the time to work on it if I had not needed to quit all my jobs and help James.

Sometimes things happen in life that are out of our control. We can fight it and complain, but if we release and accept the changes the world has for us, we will be surprised at what the universe has in store for us…instead of what we have planned for ourselves.

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.


Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.

Madame Curie once said that. “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” That is an amazing attitude. It is true. And do you know why? Because we are only afraid of things we don’t understand. If we understand this behavior, we can surely change it and make a difference in someone, or something’s life.

About a week or two ago, heavy rains came and decided to bring us a king snake mama and her babies. A king snake is non-venomous. They are actually helpful in keeping away other, poisonous snakes. They are beautiful, too. As many of you know. I do not harm other living things. When I hear “thou shalt not kill”, I do not believe that is meaning only humans. This is nature, and I know that this snake is simply trying to survive like the rest of us.

So, when we first found this snaky, slithering around our pond, we decided we must figure out what kind of snake it is. James found it to be a King snake. They are very normal for this area. They are not poisonous, but they do enjoy frogs and fish, and we have a pond full of just that.

snake 010


About eight or nine years ago, James decided to put a pond in our backyard. He hand-dug it. We planted lilies and lotus and the pond has thrived and done wonderfully. BUT! Every once in a while, we get a snake visitor who comes to try to eat all our friends.

Soon after the pond was complete, I went and purchased five koi from a fish store. I had them for years. One by one, year by year, they slowly were killed off, or died. One time a snake was in our pond and had a fish in it’s mouth. We had to hit it on the head to get it to release the fish. A few days later the fish died. We have had fish killed by heron’s coming into the backyard and pecking it with it’s long, sharp beak. Another died from sickness. We have lost all the koi, except this one. The one I pet and love.
The other day, after we found the snake, I was playing with my fishy friend and noticed that the snake had it cornered. I noticed that my fishy’s tail fin was shredded and destroyed – most likely from the snake trying to attack it.

James found more information about king snakes. He showed me a picture of a snake with a koi in it’s mouth. I was so fearful that my fishy would become a dinner for this snake that I knew that I must get this snake out of our pond no matter what.

For three days straight we have been attempting to get this snake. We learned that it was a woman snake – she has babies – and is very protective over them. Damian, James and I decided today was the day. We had to catch her and the babies because they were eating all our frogs and friends and they were going to clean out our pond.

Just yesterday, James and I were outside, and we heard a horrible cry coming from the pond. We knew something was being hurt, or most likely eaten by the snake. We found them. There was a baby snake with a frog hanging out of it’s mouth. The poor thing’s leg was in the snake’s mouth. James hit the snake on the head and it dropped the frog. We knew we had to put a stop to it.

James from the start has been saying that I (Danielle) would catch the snake. He was afraid he might hurt it – he was just too afraid to touch it, I think. :) So, for days, I pumped myself up. I told myself I could do it. I listened to Tony Robbins and he helped build my courage. I am a huge human compared to this little four foot snake. It is not poisonous, so if I did get bit, it would be O.K. and I would have a cool story to tell.

We had a few catch attempts that fell through. But I was studying and learning these snake-ies, and when the time was just right, I grabbed the baby snake and threw it into the garbage can. I shocked myself! It was like I didn’t even think about it. I knew it had to be done, and I did it. THEN came time for mama snake. I never doubted. I kept telling myself I must do it for my fishy friend. Finally, it was the perfect opportunity. She was in the perfect place, and I just grabbed her and screamed at Damian to get me the danged trash can!!!

snake 016

I did it!!!! I caught her! And her baby! We went and released them down at the creek and saved our critters, frogs and fish! There was no need to kill. There was no need to be terrified. I would actually do it again! She was as scared as I was and she was so concerned about her baby. We walked she and her baby down a few blocks and let them loose in the creek. She was surprised to say the least. I pray that they do wonderfully in their new home!


I am so happy that we were able to transport her and keep her alive! There may be a few more babies in the pond we are unaware of, so stay tuned for more stories!

Here is the mama in her new place:

snake 021

Feeling Stuck? Stop Living in the Past!


Stop Living in the Past

We have been working in the yard these past few days, and while working, we’ve been playing Tony Robbin’s ‘Ultimate Edge’. It is a fantastic program to help you change your mental and daily patterns to create the life you want to lead.

These are things I follow and believe in with all my heart, for I’ve lived both worlds. I have lived stuck in the past, regretting the choices I have made and not moving forward, and I have also got my emotions and daily habits under control and created the life I desire (I am still doing this, and doing it everyday!).

Tony says that if you can master your emotional life, you can master your reality.  Emotional mastery is the KEY to a happy life that YOU direct. Whatever you are feeling – it is your choice. Your feelings and emotions are not caused by anyone else around you, but yourself. He says that if we are looking for things to complain about, then we will certainly see them. If we look for things to be gracious and happy about, we will see those.  So, what are you seeing today? How do you feel about your life and direction today? Are you focusing on what is not going well, or are you focusing on making things go right?

Tony went on to tell us there is a triad to change and getting the life you want. The triad is made up of your physiology, your language and focus.

Physiology – emotions are directly related to your body and physiology. I learned this in Health Psychology last term, and the mind and body are so connected that even just sitting with slumped shoulders and not smiling can make your day feel blah. SO! First step is to change how you are sitting, standing, moving. This change will immediately produce new feelings inside of you.

Second, language. What type of internal dialogue are you using? Are you speaking and thinking negatively? Are you telling yourself how you screwed up making that last decision? Are you constantly focusing on the past, and things you cannot go back and change? Are you asking questions like “Why does it have to be so hard for me?” Are you allowing only negative thoughts and feelings to enter your mind? If so, the negative will be the only things you can see, and therefore, the only thing that will come to you.

Lastly, he speaks of focus. This goes hand in hand with language and physiology. Where ever your focus goes, that is what you create. So, if you are constantly seeking out the negative in situations or thinking negative thoughts; this is your focus, and again, this is all you will see.

You MUST get out of this pattern. You MUST find new, positive things to focus on. If you start telling yourself something negative – just change your thought immediately. Tell yourself the opposite and say it with conviction. Instead of saying “Oh, man I regret that choice I made, and it will be one of my biggest regrets in life.”, why not turn it around, and say “I made some choices and even though I am unsure if they were the right ones, there is no looking back now! Now, I am focusing all positive energy on my goal, and moving forward to a place that is even more exciting and will continue to create the life I want.”

Tony tells people to make a MASSIVE ACTION PLAN. Write down what you want in life. What goals do you have for yourself? What are the long term goals? What small term goals are required to get you to this long term goal? I think writing these down is a wonderful idea. It gives you a clear plan of action and then when you have choices to make, you can look at your goals, see how it fits in and make the right decision. I have known for many, many years that I wanted to write and teach. I formulated a plan to do this. I have not, nor will not let anything stop me and my dreams. I went back to college, I searched tirelessly for jobs, I struggled, yes, but I never gave up, and I never looked back. I do something everyday to get me towards my ultimate goal.

Remember! Your emotions and mindset are what create your day, and life. If you are always caught up in the has-beens and regrets, then, what kind of life is that? You are still living in your past. Wake up, get focused and don’t let anything stop you! Change your mind, and change your life!

Keep in mind Tony’s triad. Physiology, language and focus. Keep these in mind all day, everyday and make the necessary changes so that you can ultimately reach your goals.

Let it all go….


You are not in control!

Ok. I know that the last post I wrote, I tried to encourage all of you to be in control of your future, and create the life you want to lead. Well, now I want to discuss letting go, and realizing that we are not in control of most of what happens to us in life, and is OK.

Awhile ago, I was reading the ‘Valis’ trilogy by Philip K. Dick, and he happened to use the word ‘anhedonic’ to describe a character, and then veered off to discuss just WHY it is so important not to let ourselves become this way. It has weighed upon my mind ever since I read the book, and I just wanted to share because I know many of you either know someone like this, or you, yourself may be unconsciously be showing these less than becoming traits.

Since reading this book, I have also studied Health Psychology, and I see so many connections between high blood pressure, and the way a person thinks, acts and handles their emotions. Anhedonia, hostility, depression, and hypertension seem to all be closely linked. It is important to recognize this and make necessary changes to having a different outlook on everything around you.

In Dick’s book, he was talking about how life happens and many times there is absolutely nothing to be done about it. Many  people do not like this feeling, and do not cope well with the lack of control around them. This helplessness can create a control freak, unfortunately. Some people want that control of their surroundings to make them feel more comfortable, but they are not gaining control in reality. In the process of trying to control everything happening around them, “Anhedonia sets in stealthily. Over the years it takes control of him. For example, he learns to defer gratification; this is a step in the dismal process of anhedonia. In learning to defer gratification he experiences a sense of self-mastery; he has become stoic, disciplined; he does not give way to impulse. He has control. Control over himself in terms of his impulses and control over the external situation. He is a controlled and controlling person. Pretty soon he has branched out and is controlling other people, as part of the situation. He becomes a manipulator. Of course, he is not consciously aware of this; all he intends to do is lessen his own sense of impotence. But in his task of lessening this sense, he insidiously overpowers the freedom of others. Yet, he derives no pleasure from this, no positive psychological gain; all his gains are essentially negative (Dick)”.

How can you tell if someone around you is anhedonic? Well, that is easy, and I am sure you have one of these people around you, if not yourself. People who feel a constant need to control everything around them tend to tell others what to do and think in almost every situation. Unless it is how THEY want it to be, it is usually done the wrong way for their liking. Anhedonics typically get agitated easily. They don’t like too much, actually. They will be the first to tell you if you are sitting wrong, walking wrong, driving wrong, eating wrong, and pretty much anything else you do that is not how they like things done.  Sadly, these people do not typically know they act in this way, or why. Most anhedonics have been this way for so long, people grow to expect this treatment and it is just ‘normal’.

Anhedonics let little things upset them. They get upset because they have lost their feeling of control, and they do not know how to respond. Usually it is with hostility, yelling, or some other high, uncontrolled emotion. Many times, anhedonics come across as just plain bossy, because I find they don’t typically say please, or thank you. Everyone around them is doing something ‘not to their standards’, and they can even lash out at people they don’t know. The main problem with these actions, is that it can cause hypertension. When people have little control over their emotions, they can tend to get upset and in turn, their blood pressure spiking. You can see the picture at the top that tells all the issues that hypertension causes. It is a very serious matter. This ‘habit’ can actually kill someone.

Not only are these people creating their own health issues, it greatly impacts the lives of those closest to them. People can feel anxious while their anhedonic friend or loved one is barking orders, or yelling at strangers for doing something ‘wrong’. It can actually cause high blood pressure spikes in people around them, too!

Anhedonic means by dictionary standards “someone who is unable to enjoy pleasure”. When someone finally lets go, and realizes that everything is going to happen as it will, and we cannot control other people’s thoughts or actions, then we can relax, enjoy life and everything happening. When you are trying to constantly control all situations happening around you, you are causing misery for yourself, as well as those around you. If you are always pointing out what is wrong with everything everyone does, you start only looking for things to be wrong. You will never see what is good, and OK and beautiful with the world.

So, there are a few things to think about and do. Analyze your thoughts and actions when dealing with people – both who you deal with directly or indirectly. Realize that you cannot control what others do – but you CAN control how you think or handle the situation. Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises are a great place to start. Some people may actually need to seek counseling or professional help.

I know that dealing with anhedonia can be exhausting. It causes stress in everyone involved. The best thing to do is to talk things out. Bring it to your loved one (or your own) attention and start working on making a change. The only thing you are in control of is YOURSELF, so don’t try to make everyone live for you. Everyone is different. You may sweep the floor different than me, and that is OK! Let people learn on their own. Let them try things their own way. Learn to accept differences, and stop looking for everything that people are doing wrong, but enjoy them for who they really are. Don’t try to sculpt the world and people around you – it will sculpt itself.

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